Why Zuloomi?

15/04/19 10:26 PM Comment(s) By Thomas Meier

The journey of Zuloomi began in 2013 when Diane attended her first overseas accounting conference. At this conference, Diane heard about Value Pricing. Excited at how this would change the way she ran her business, Diane came home to Australia only to realise that she had no idea where to start. Like so many of us who are faced with a challenge that we can’t see our way around, Diane did nothing. Fast forward another 12 months, back to the same conference and Diane again listened to the same speakers hoping to learn more around the ‘how’ of value pricing.

Disappointed Diane returned home determined to action a how plan herself. By this time, Diane was already working with Thomas. Thomas being the spreadsheet guru that he is was certain that by working together a process could be created that captured the aspects of value pricing beyond the simple excel calculations of a pricing spreadsheet.

In the years since embracing this new strategy, Diane’s business Direct Management has grown year on year by 15 – 20%, increased Gross Profit margin by over 20% and has Net Profit of over 25%.

What began as pricing capture with embellishments grew into Zuloomi the business. Zuloomi sits beyond pricing. Zuloomi is the ultimate platform for understanding just what pricing for value means. It enables increased profit, assists in bookkeeping delivery and the analysis of client engagement data at a practice level. All this is supported by a state of the art educational training platform aimed at providing industry users with the skills required to future proof themselves in an ever changing environment.

What does this mean for you? Well, the hard work of capturing the ‘how’ has been done for you. All that remains is for you to take up the challenge and let us help you towards achieving your first value priced client in 13 weeks.

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