Why Zuloomi?

Zuloomi exists to help the industry.

Zuloomi the business was created from a need – a need to capture the ‘how’ of value pricing. Two creative minds came together – Diane the bookkeeper and Thomas the consultant. Great things take time and the same can be said for Zuloomi. As we worked on the processes and implementation in Diane’s business Direct Management, we came to the realisation that we had something special, something that can help our industry.

In the years since embracing this new strategy, Direct Management has grown year on year by 15 – 20%, increased Gross Profit margin by over 20% and has Net Profit of over 25%.

What does this mean for you? You can do this too. All that remains is for you to take up the challenge and let us help you towards achieving your first value priced client in 13 modules.
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The founders.

Diane Lucas, CEO

Diane is a multi-award winning bookkeeper who is passionate about helping business owners and industry colleagues simplify their businesses with systems that are effective and innovative. Her business Direct Management advocates the use of cloud-based solutions where ever possible. Diane believes that the only constant is change.

Thomas Meier, COO

Thomas is a results-driven Business Consultant focused on the small business sector. His experience in business development, program management and operational excellence gained across a rich variety of business cultures is delivered through his practice Business 2.0 Consulting. He partners with his clients and becomes their unreasonable friend to facilitate the building of a great business - the business representing a real vehicle towards enabling the owners vision.

The education partner.

Rhondalynn Korolak

Rhondalynn is the founder of businest® & Make the SHIFT™, a lawyer, chartered accountant, best-selling author, & expert in cash flow, pricing value, and making the shift to advisory. She helps accountants and bookkeepers attract better and higher paying clients by making the shift to value-priced advisory engagements. She is also the author of five books including Pricing Value and From Value Pricing to Pricing Value.