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Not enough hours to balance productive vs non-productive time

Unclear goals

Non-differentiated skills

Access to client data

Loss of productivity

Non-value add perception

Legacy processing

Declining fees

Productivity loss using legacy systems

Commodity vs value add
Challenge of client acquisition

Our solution.

Future proof the industry through skills and tools
There is no easy or fast solution to the problems raised above. However through learning complementary skills in the form of CASH - creating, articulating, selling and helping to deliver value, you can help support the business owner attain their ideal business. Our easy to use tools provide a strong and consistent process to price for profit and deliver for success. Successfully implement value pricing using our unique, subscription based solution to address this two-fold requirement.
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The result.

Zuloomi has helped us to determine a complete picture of bookkeeping engagements. So far this has resulted in an engagement that is more than double the fee of what we would have expected to receive using the old hourly based pricing model. Not only do we have a revenue increase but the value we have been able to create for our client as a result of Zuloomi means that we have certainty of service delivery and consistency of income. 

The clarity and simplicity of the Zuloomi process and tools allowed us to quickly capture the client’s requirements and price them for value. We are in the process of applying this to most of our existing clients and can’t wait to see the corresponding improvements this will have to our business.

Karen & Sarah – The Business Knowledge Centre, Perth, Aug 2019